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Penta-Cool WM 100

Classic drilling emulsion, universally applicable, for all cutting operations

Penta-Cool WM 410

Universal cooling lubricant for all cutting operations on automatic tool machines

Penta-Cool WM 430

Cooling and lubricating agent for general operations like turning, milling, drilling, also suitable for grinding operations

Penta-Cool WM 440

Universal coolant for cutting operations, also on automatic tool machines

Penta-Cool WM 600

Use for all cutting operations of ferrous and aluminium materials, limited suitability for grinding

Penta-Cool WM 650

Universal coolant for all cutting-processes, suited for copper, copper alloys, aluminium and further metals, special emulsion for non-ferrous metals

Penta-Cool WMS 840

Universal coolant for all cutting processes, suited for aluminium, steel, iron etc.

Penta-Cool WS 210, WS 250

Mineral oil free and nitrite-free, water soluble coolant concentrate for grinding operations

Drawing Lube 35

Soft, water-soluble paste for the drawing of surface-treated steel wires, used for phosphated, limed, galvanised and copper-plated surface

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