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Grease Spray W

High-performance grease mainly for ceramics and glass manufacturing at the simultaneous impact of water and short-term temperature peaks up to +300 °C/+572 °F, outstanding heat and water resistance

Universal Cleaning Spray

Special product for cleaning and maintaining all surfaces, can be used for degreasing and to solve residues on moving parts, engines and transmission components

Multifunctional Spray

Versatile aid for industry, vehicles and household based on mineral oil, graphite and oleic acid ester, lubricates all mechanical components, universal application,
temperature range: -40 up to +90 °C/-40 up to +194 °F

Electro-Contact Spray

Silicone- and chlorine-free spray based on mineral oil for cleaning and maintaining electrical contacts and components, dissolves greases, oils and damp dirt

Anti-Corrosion Spray KO 6-F

Solvent-containing anti-corrosion fluid with water-repellent and good penetrating properties for the temporary protection of metallic surfaces, forms a thin oily to slightly creamy film

specification and approvals for
KO 6 F: V20 ≈ 5.5 mm²/s

Creeping Oil Spray

Water displacing anti-corrosion oil with rust-dissolving properties as well as good penetrating properties, forms a thin oily film

specification and approvals for
KRIECHÖL: V20 ca. 3,4 mm²/s

Precision Mechanics Oil Spray XF 12

Special oil for lubrication of precision devices

specification and approvals for
FEINMECHANIKÖL XF 12: V40 ca. 12 mm²/s

WXA Spray

Physiologically harmless spray for the application in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and paper industry, lubrication and preservation of transport chains and belts
temperature range: -10 up to +180 °C/+22 up to 356 °F

specification and approvals for
WXA Spray: ISO VG 68; Deutsches Arzneibuch (DAB)*; European Pharmacopoeia (PHEur)*; British Pharmacopoeia (BP)*; Food and Drug Administration*; gelistet nach/listed according to NSF H1 (* in der jeweils gültigen Fassung/currently valid versions)

Welding Protection Spray

Silicone-free release agent for welding operations, ideal for low- to high-alloy steels and aluminium, operation temperature: +15 up to +25 °C/+59 up to 77 °F

Silicone Spray

Universal sliding and separating agent for surfaces of plastics, rubber and metal, good resistance against salt water, water vapour, sulphuric acid, diluted acids and lyes, application in vehicle construction, electrical industry, general engineering, glass manufacturing etc., temperature range: -50 up to + 250 °C/-58 up to +482 °F

Chain Adhesive Spray

Semi-synthetic adhesive chain spray for extreme conditions and high centrifugal forces, suitable for heavy loaded chains of motorbikes and fast running chains in industry temperature range: -30 up to +130 °C/-22 up to +266 °F

Chain Lube XHT 50, XHT 250, XHT 3000 Spray

Fully synthetic high-temperature oils for the lubrication of thermally heavy loaded conveyor and driving chains as well as sliding pairings in high-temperature applications, suited for varnish lines, textile industry, manufacturing of glass and insulating material;
useable up to +250 °C/+482 °F

specification and approvals for
CHAIN LUBE XHT 50: ISO VG 50; erfüllt/fulfils: DIN 51517/3 (CLP)
CHAIN LUBE XHT 250: ISO VG 250; erfüllt/fulfils: DIN 51517/3 (CLP); Brückner; Krones
CHAIN LUBE XHT 3000: ISO VG 3000; erfüllt/fulfils: DIN 51517/3 (CLP); Lingl

Chain Oil 460 FG Spray

Fully-synthetic special oil to lubricate conveyor chains in food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry
temperature range: -20 up to +250 °C/-4 up to +482 °F

specification and approvals for
KETTENÖL 460 FG: ISO VG 460; NSF H1 gelisted/listed according to NSF; erfüllt/fulfils: FDA-RL 21 CFR 178.3570

Weapon Oil W 18 Spray

Fully-synthetic oil for the lubrication, preservation and cleaning of weapons systems; applicable within the temperature range from -55 °C up to +150 °C/-67 up to +302 °F

specification and approvals for
WAFFENÖL W 18: Bundeswehr TL 9150-0078/1 (BW-Code OY 1045); NATO-Code S-761; V40 ca 18 mm²/s

PTFE Sliding Varnish Spray

Physiologically harmless universal sliding and release agent based on polytetrafluoroethylene, chemically resistant
operation temperature -70 up to +250 °C/-94 up to +482 °F

TSM 400 Spray

Dark assembly and multi-purpose paste with high pressure resistance, based on mineral oil with MoS2 temperature range: -35 up to +450 °C/-31 up to +842 °F (at reduced air access up to +630 °C/+1166 °F )

Anti-Seize Spray GAL

High-temperature assembly paste on fully-synthetic basis fit for general engineering, steelworks, chemical industry, paper processing, power plants, mining etc., can also be used for sealing and corrosion protection;
operation range: -40 up to +1200 °C/-40 up to +2192 °F

classification of

specification and approvals for


White, adhesive multi-purpose paste on a fully synthetic basis with PTFE, for heavy loaded pressure and guide plates of telescopic booms,
operation range: -20 up to +150 °C/-4 up to +302 °F

classification of

specification and approvals for

Pole protection spray

For the maintenance and protection of battery poles, terminals, battery holder and earth connections. Based on mineral oil, selected additives and an organic solvent. Efficient protection against corrosion, prevents leakage current as well as voltage lost and extends lifetime of battery.

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